RAH Infotech Partners with Trustifi to Offer Secure Email Technology in India


Las Vegas, NV, September 15, 2020 —RAH Infotech and Trustifi join forces to introduce the power of email security to India. This will allow organizations to secure their data from email-borne cybercrimes using Trustifi’s cutting edge technology.

RAH Infotech chose Trustifi because of the platform’s enhanced security features with the most intuitive user interface on the market.  By customizing email security preferences using Trustifi’s data loss prevention (DLP) policies, clients can ensure compliance with internal, industry and federal regulations such as HIPPA, PCI, GDPR.

RAH Infotech is a leading technology distributor of information management solutions in India. The partnership brings Trustifi security solutions to RAH Infotech customers, which include global Fortune 500 companies and fast-growth start-ups.

“India is a fast-growing market,” said Zack Schwartz, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Trustifi. “To leverage this growth, we decided to partner with RAH Infotech who comes with many years of technology experience and professionalism and that is what makes this partnership so exciting. The World Economic Forum predicts it will be a second ‘Silicon Valley,’ and we are seeing exponential growth in the tech sector there. India is now the second most connected nation in the world. Its 560 million internet users put India just behind China.”

“Along with connectivity comes vulnerability to cyber criminals,” said Ashis Guha, CEO, RAH Infotech. “As a top-tier technology enabler, security is mission critical in all of our solutions. The Trustifi partnership strengthens our ability to protect clients from complex and growing threats.”

The Trustifi and RAH Infotech partnership adds dynamic, integrated, and streamlined email security in a threat landscape that is constantly evolving.

About Trustifi

Trustifi is a cyber security firm featuring solutions delivered on software as a service platform. Trustifi leads the market with the easiest to use and deploy email security products providing both inbound and outbound email security from a single vendor.  The most valuable asset to any organization, other than its employees, is the data contained in their email, and Trustifi’s key objective is keeping client’s data, reputation, and brand safe from all threats related to email. With Trustifi’s Inbound Shield, Data Loss Prevention, and Email Encryption, clients are always one step ahead of attackers. The Trustifi solution was created by Israeli military intelligence engineers and programmers as a hassle-free method to send and receive electronic communications with absolute confidentiality, protection, security, and legal compliance. Trustifi adheres to GDPR, HIPPA, and Pii regulations. www.trustifi.com

About RAH Infotech

RAH Infotech is a specialty value added distributor of mission critical technology solutions including network and cyber security, disaster recovery and cloud. In over a decade of its operations, RAH Infotech has been consistently providing world class IT solutions to a large number of channel partners and corporates in India and SAARC countries. RAH Infotech is the fastest growing value-added distributor in India possessing 15 years of expertise in providing Information Management and Security solutions to a large number of customers across the country through its partnership with over 30 OEMs and over 500 channel partners. Headquartered in New Delhi, RAH Infotech has presence across the country with International presence in Netherlands, Singapore, the UK and the USA. www.rahinfotech.com


Gyana Ranjan Swain

RAH Infotech