The Netskope Security Cloud is an impressive cloud-based security platform that is highly effective in providing real-time protection and visibility for cloud services, websites, and private applications from anywhere and on any device. It boasts a scalable architecture and microservices that enable advanced security services like SSL/TLS decryption and inspection, data loss prevention, and cutting-edge threat prevention and protection. The platform also supports various deployment methods including inline, reverse proxy, and API-enabled protection for near real-time assessment and protection of cloud resources and data-at-rest. With Netskope, businesses can safeguard their cloud environment from advanced threats, protect sensitive data, and adhere to industry regulations.

The platform offers a wide range of security solutions, such as

  • Secure web gateway (SWG)
  • Netskope Private Access (ZTNA)
  • Cloud access security broker (CASB)-API Protection
  • Data Protection
  • Cloud Security Posture Management
  • Advance Threat Protection.