Genie Analytics provides deep and powerful big-data analytic ability that delivers immediate operational insights for your business. Through multi-dimensional traffic analysis and visualized reports, users are able to gain total control over their network infrastructure and plan whatโ€™s right for their business operations accordingly.

Features of Genie Analytics

  • Various data classification and aggregation keys to provide multidimensional Top-N breakdown analysis.
  • Customizable, sequential, multiple Filters to match traffic data for exploration.
  • Flexible analytic time settings by relative and absolute time period settings.
  • Granular analytic resolution as low as seconds.
  • Selectable metrics, including data rate (bps, pps, fps, etc.), sum (bytes, packets, flows, etc.), unique counts (IP, port, etc.), average, min, max, etc.
  • User-friendly, interactive drill-down data exploration for all analytic results.