Providing Application Defined Business Continuity and Cloud Recovery Software to Global Enterprises and Service Providers

Sanovi is a niche Business Continuity and IT Recovery software company enabling Application Defined Continuity for enterprise datacenters and cloud infrastructure. It provides application aware deployment, visibility and automation of IT DR for tier-1 and tier-2 workloads across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Sanovi software provides an out-of-box holistic recovery management across a wide range of physical/virtual OS/platforms, data replication technologies, applications, converged infrastructure and public clouds. Gartner’s 2015 Hype Cycle report on BCP/DR calls out Sanovi’s product as the Recovery Management solution for heterogeneous platforms.

A Gartner Cool 2014 Vendor and Global Redherring 100 award 2013 winner, Sanovi software enables cloud and managed service providers to offer self-service based Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) from on-premise to Amazon cloud, MSP clouds and private clouds, set up using converged infrastructure or off-the-shelf hardware. Sanovi software enables system integrators and value added resellers to provide push-of-a-button enterprise datacenter solution for business continuity for all enterprise applications. Sanovi’s proven products are in use at over 130 enterprise and service providers customers world wide.

This efficiency of the company in addressing both the on-premise and on-cloud challenges can be attributed to its broad-based technology that works seamlessly with the existing DR solutions in the market including database and storage array vendor’s data replication products. Sanovi’s Application Defined Continuity(ADC) is a new way of defining, deploying and managing application continuity in the cloud. Application Defined Continuity makes migration and recovery to the cloud simple, seamless and SLA driven, enabling your business to leverage hybrid clouds.

Product offering:

IT Disaster Recovery:

Business Continuity And IT Disaster Recovery Management Software For Physical, Virtual And Private Cloud Infrastructure In The Datacenter

Sanovi Enterprise DR Management suite is the leading IT Disaster Recovery Management Software that aligns DR infrastructure to meet business defined Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives for applications. Sanovi Disaster Recovery Management™ (DRM) combines monitoring, reporting, testing and workflow automation capabilities of complex IT infrastructure into a scalable and easy-to-use solution built on industry standards. It provides a unified solution for managing recovery across physical, virtual and private cloud infrastructure in the enterprise datacenters.

Key features that enable enterprises meet their IT Disaster recovery SLA

  • Recovery Lifecycle

    covers the complete life-cycle of provision, monitor, validate, test, recovery and report for enterprise applications that require a recovery plan

  • Recovery Relationships

    capture recovery dependency and recovery order to perform real-time DR monitoring and enable bring-up of complex applications in an orderly manner

  • Infrastructure Aware

    tight integration with OS, network, replication technologies to enable discovery, monitoring and recovery automation

  • Application Aware

    pre-packaged DR solution best practices templates for several enterprise applications

  • VM Aware

    tight integration with virtual infrastructure that enables provisioning for recovery, automation of start and stop of virtual machines

Sanovi’s IT Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) Enterprise Software

In most DR environments, business continuity planners and IT managers have limited visibility into IT Recovery Readiness. The collection of heterogeneous databases, storage systems, servers, and replication solutions found in today’s data centers, each with discrete management tools, makes it difficult to ensure IT Recovery Readiness. Driven to meet regulatory compliance and RTO/RPO service levels, IT organizations are forced to conduct periodic testing of DR solutions, which is both time consuming and error-prone.

The Sanovi IT Disaster Recovery Management Software Advantage

With Sanovi, customers will be confident of their ability to recover from outages, whether disaster related or infrastructure-related failures. It enables them to:

  • Gain real time insight into application data loss and recovery time
  • Validate complex recovery for multi-vendor physical/virtual environments
  • Rapidly identify causes of recovery test failures
  • Automate redundant, resource-intensive, and costly DR procedures
  • Design recovery workflows to meet service levels and RPO/RTO objectives
  • Eliminate operational disruptions with offsite recovery preparation and testing
  • Perform recovery audit reporting and documentation

Sanovi DRM™ gives customers the confidence that their DR infrastructure will be ready when they need it. Sanovi DRM enables customers to be better-equipped to meet recovery service level objectives, ensure application availability, automate time-consuming DR testing, and comply with regulatory requirements.

The Sanovi DRM Approach

The core of the Sanovi DRMTM offering leverages a recovery dependency database and recovery automation library, built around recovery solution signature objects, which are specific to various vendor products. The recovery dependency database supports a wide range of architectures (active/active or active/passive clustering, physical or virtual machines, and others) and can be expanded through the use of field-defined DR solution signatures, providing end users and channel partners the flexibility to manage any DR solution.

Sanovi’s technology uses recovery solution signatures for well-defined recovery architectures based on the following:

  • Array-based storage-centric replication leveraging products from EMC, IBM, HDS, and other major array manufacturers
  • Log-based replication leveraging mainstream database products such as Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, and other major providers

Customers can choose from pre-existing recovery solution signature templates for mainstream recovery products. They can also create their own custom recovery solution signatures to monitor host or network-based recovery solutions. Customers can also import their existing run books into the Sanovi framework, and then evolve and fine-tune recovery workflows from there. An important design tenet of DRM is to be product and vendor agnostic, providing customers the maximum flexibility in accommodating their existing configurations and giving them the freedom to adopt new DR technologies as they become available.

Customers have the option of deploying it all at once or seamlessly integrating new modules into an existing deployment with a simple license key upgrade. All modules share the same architecture built on CIM, SMI-S, and Web services for simple and scalable management.

Sanovi Cloud Continuity

Business Continuity And Recovery Solution For Hybrid Clouds

Sanovi Cloud Continuity is the leading management software for leveraging cloud infrastructure to meet business set Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives for IT applications.

Key Cloud Continuity features are:

  • Application Defined Continuity (ADC)

    is application recovery intelligence for the cloud. ADC understand the continuity/recovery needs of the application and provides the intelligence to meet these needs on the cloud of customers choice.

  • Converged Infrastructure support:

    Leverage the speed and simplicity of deploying Recovery solution for converged infrastructure. Cloud Continuity interfaces with cloud management software to provide a seamless experience in provisioning and managing application DR on FlexPod infrastructure.

  • DR on Hyper Clouds

    powered by ADC, Cloud Continuity makes using Hyper clouds such as AWS for DR simple and seamless. Cloud Continuity includes one-click provisioning, automated IT recovery and drill orchestration and monitoring of recovery SLA driving down cost and complexity for a wide range of Recovery Point objectives that your application needs.

  • Recovery Lifecycle

    offers the complete life-cycle of provision, monitor, validate, test, recovery and report to enable comprehensive application recovery on the Cloud.

  • Infrastructure Aware

    tight integration with OS, network, replication technologies and Cloud Management APIs to enable discovery, monitoring and recovery automation.

  • Application Aware

    pre-packaged DR solution best practices templates for several enterprise applications

  • VM Aware

    tight integration with virtual infrastructure that enables provisioning for recovery, automation of start and stop of virtual machines deployed on Hybrid Clouds.

Sanovi Cloud Continuity: Features and Benefits

Business Continuity Command Center

According to a study by Gartner, system downtime can cost businesses $42,000 per hour on an average*.

We’ve all been there. The dreadful alert of a system failure followed by the exercise of getting the right people involved to triage and resolve the issue ASAP. Most IT teams rely on conference calls and emails for basic communication during the course of an incident. Moreover, when an incident occurs, knowing whom to involve, who is responsible for what, and what steps to follow is critical to resolving any issue quickly.

Sanovi’s Business Continuity Command Center is our attempt to solve this problem and empower BCP / DR teams with a communication platform to engage with multiple teams, provide updates to various stakeholders, share documents, assign deliverables, and monitor work progress in real-time. Business Continuity Command Center manages all the four key stages in the Business Continuity and Crisis Management life cycle—Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation.

Business Continuity Command Center advantages:


Business Continuity Command Center digitizes standard operating procedure into a structured response that organizes people, tasks, documents, and files.

  • Create digitized plans organizing people, activities, and information
  • Initiate a structured response based on a pre-designed plan at the click of a button
  • Conduct drills, test run and improvise plans before, during, or after the event


Launch a coordinated response from an established plan at the click of a button. Notify people about the emergency and request check-ins to get a quick update of available resources.

  • Setup an incident communications centre in just two clicks to manage the response
  • Alert and notify responders on multiple mediums—Phone, SMS, and Email
  • Request check-ins and get acknowledgment from responders in real time


Communicate with teams in real-time, organize conversations, and coordinate activities to recover quickly from any situation, no matter where you are. Sanovi Business Continuity Command Center works on any device with Internet access.

  • Structure conversations and organize communications with multiple teams
  • Visualize incidents saved with location information on a geographical map
  • Maintain complete situational awareness of completed and pending activities


Analyze time-stamped transcripts of messages, status changes, and task activity for easy after-action reporting and to improve your response plans for future use.

  • Review complete, time-stamped communication transcripts for after-action reporting
  • Analyze message traffic trends, check-in reports and flagged messages
  • Manage electronic incident reports and download in ICS formats

Business Continuity Command Center key framework Features

Secure communications:

Secured direct channels between diverse agencies and departments

User Friendly:

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface based on familiar social media and web tools. New users can be fully up and running within minutes during an incident

One-Stop Solution:

Comprehensive, all-in-one framework for all phases of incident response—preparation, management, recovery, and mitigation

Accessible from Anywhere:

In the cloud—accessible and interactive from any internet-enabled device via web, email, SMS, and mobile App

Why Sanovi

Sanovi is the most preferred choice for customers for 3 key reasons:

  • Provides the best-fit solutions with complete focus and proven experience in BCP/DR area
  • Provides end to end solutions including consulting, implementation and operation services both on BCP and DR side
  • Provides predictable and easy-to-use BCP/DR program with its Business Continuity Command Center based Service delivery approach
Solution offering:

Cloud Solutions

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity solution is designed to enable service providers to offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to provide Disaster Recovery(DR) as a scalable, self-service based, cost-effective offering, across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. The offering built on Sanovi’ s patented Application Defined Continuity (ADC) technology enables the realisation of true cloud benefits.

Service Provider Challenges in Offering Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS):

  • Manual operations and expertise-dependent processes make offering DR an expensive and non-scalable proposition
  • Since applications are typically made up of heterogeneous solutions, it becomes difficult to offer monitoring and recovery as a uniform service
  • Recovery SLAs are hard to monitor and report on
  • Recovery requires access to customer servers and applications on both primary and DR sites. Security is a concern when multiple customers are sharing the same infrastructure.

DRaaS service enabled Sanovi Cloud Continuity Software, addresses all these challenges very effectively due to its Service provider approach.

The following are some of the key differentiators when it comes to our Cloud Continuity solution.

Self-service, Cost Effective Disaster Recovery (DR)

Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity Solution supports pre-packaged DR solution templates for various technologies, thereby enabling Recovery as a Service to deploy a best-practices DR solution quickly and easily. The need for expertise is reduced and deployments can be automated, resulting in a scalable and cost effective DR service-offering for the end customer.

Automated DR

Automation is the key to IT agility and operational efficiency. Our Cloud Continuity solution automates the DR process, enabling reliable and scalable operations across multiple customers. DR processes that are typically automated are failover recovery and DR drill processes. Increases operational efficiency and has minimal expert dependency from a service provider point of view and provides him with the ability to offer more for less.

Simplified DR

Sanovi’s application aware Cloud Continuity solution simplifies disaster recovery for the service provider by offering a single console to monitor and manage all DR activities. All DR-related events, alerts, and process management across several customers can be managed from a single console that offers multiple views.

Integration with Service Provider Eco-system

Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity solution offers multi-tenancy capabilities that enable Recovery as a Service provider’s to offer service securely to all their customers. Our Cloud Continuity solution can be seamlessly integrated with external monitoring, alerting, and trouble ticketing solutions to ensure easy and smooth integration with the service provider management eco-system

Secure Multi-tenancy

Sanovi software supports secure multi-tenant access to customer infrastructure. It provides role based authentications, and uses secure and encrypted communications.


Sanovi has signed up several global and local service providers to offer RaaS in their respective cloud platforms. Refer to the partner page for a service provider in your area.

Recovery for Amazon Cloud

Sanovi’ s Cloud Continuity software built on the unique Application Defined Continuity (ADC) technology brings its proven life-cycle approach to application recovery onto Amazon clouds.Turn-on Business Continuity and IT Recovery for your critical applications by leveraging speed, flexibility and self service capabilities of Amazon clouds.

Recovery to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Sanovi Cloud Continuity has tight integration with AWS that simplifies the life-cycle of using AWS as your organization’s IT recovery capability. Key features offered by Sanovi Cloud Continuity for AWS are:

  • Single management console – To manage IT recovery life-cycle for applications using AWS as their recovery site
  • Application aware – Recovery solution templates that simplifies DR solution deployment onto AWS
  • One-click recovery – Automated failover recovery of applications in AWS
  • Validate recovery readiness – automated, non-intrusive DR Drills to test application recovery readiness
  • Multi-site – Use AWS as the recovery site from one or more on premise data centres
  • Meet Recovery SLAs – Real-time monitoring and alerts of DR solution health and data RPO and RTO SLA’s
  • Replication agnostic – Use database built-in replication or array based replication to replicate data into AWS
Datacenter Solutions

Recovery for FlexPod

Converged Infrastructure enables accelerated application deployment, reduces cost and complexity. Converged Infrastructure (CI) offers simplicity, business agility and efficiencies that form the basis of building a private cloud. As critical tier I and tier II applications are deployed on CI, ‘Disaster Recovery Solutions’ become an urgent need to meet recovery SLA for tier I and tier II applications.

Sanovi Cloud Continuity for FlexPod

Sanovi Cloud Continuity built on Application Defined Continuity (ADC) technology brings its proven and application aware DR life cycle to Converged Infrastructure deployments. Sanovi Cloud Continuity enables the promise of faster application deployment in CI by offering application aware DR template solutions that come pre-packaged with recovery and drill workflow automation.

Sanovi Cloud Continuity now extends the power of its DR management capabilities to Converged Infrastructure. Sanovi Cloud Continuity brings to CI its proven life-cycle approach for Business Continuity and Recovery of critical applications that are deployed in virtual and physical CI environments. Sanovi Cloud Continuity for CI offers the following capabilities:

  • DR for virtual and non-virtual applications deployment in CI environments
  • Comprehensive DR life-cycle solution across multiple FlexPod deployments in different geographies
  • Application aware DR automation for the complete stack – OS, network, storage and application
  • One click provisioning of DR solutions between multiple CI instances
  • Single DR management console for virtual and physical environments
  • Pre-packaged automated failover recovery workflows
  • Pre-packaged workflows for non-disruptive testing of applications
  • Recovery SLA dashboard including DR solution and replication health monitoring
  • Recovery readiness compliance and control of evidence reports
  • Tight integration with FlexPod software – VmwareVcenter, NetappOnCommand and Cisco UCS Director

Integration with Cisco UCS Director

Sanovi Cloud Continuity integrates tightly with Cisco UCS Director Software to offer one console for Orchestration of DR provisioning, failover recovery and recovery drills. Sanovi Cloud Continuity leverages the UCS Director’s open automation APIs and brings to UCS Director the complete range of application aware DR provisioning, recovery and drill tasks that enable end users and administrators to deploy and manage their DR solutions quickly and easily.

Sanovi For Hybrid Clouds:

Business continuity and recovery solution for Hybrid Clouds

Overview: Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity suite is the leading management software for leveraging cloud infrastructure to meet business set Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives for IT applications.

Simplify IT Recovery to Private Clouds:

Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity suite simplifies deploying and managing Recovery solutions on private clouds built with converged infrastructure or otherwise. Sanovi Cloud Continuity interfaces with Cloud orchestration software to offer application aware recovery that makes it simple to deploy, test and report.

Leverage the flexibility of Public Clouds:

Sanovi Cloud Continuity suite interfaces with public Clouds to simplify deployment and management of application recovery to public Clouds. Whether your application is on-premises or hosted on a public Cloud, Sanovi can enable you to deploy and manage Recovery of your applications on a public Cloud.

Recovery as Service (RaaS):

Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity suite enables service providers to offer RaaS to their customers.

Scalable, Secure, and Automated DR Services:

Unlike on-premise solutions, Cloud services need to be very low-touch, highly secure and scalable due to the need to support very large number of customers in a shared infrastructure simultaneously. To gain customer confidence, Service providers need to provide SLA visibility and process transparency. Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity suite addresses these fully with multi-tenancy support, secure communication, pre-packaged recovery best practice workflows and total automation of the DR process.

Application Solutions
Sanovi for Databases

In a multi-tier application architecture, databases are trusted and consistent repositories of information. Protecting information in a database and being able to bring it up in a consistent manner is the cornerstone of an effective application recovery strategy. Sanovi DRM tightly integrates with popular third party vendor databases to provide the complete DR life cycle of monitoring, automating recovery, testing, and reporting the database for recovery readiness.


Sanovi DRM interoperates with various versions of Oracle database, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostGres, and MaxDB.

Multiplicity of Protection Approaches:

There are multiple options to protecting and recovering a RDBMS database. Most popular RDBMS databases offer built-in replication capabilities that enable replication of log files from the primary production database to the database on the DR site. The other popular method is to use storage-based replication. The choice of how to protect and recover the database depends on various factors like solution budget, recovery point, available network bandwidth, and available expertise.

Sanovi DRM for Oracle Database

Sanovi DRM supports the complete DR life cycle of monitoring, managing, and reporting to ensure recovery-readiness of the Oracle Database. Using Sanovi DRM to protect the Oracle DB reduces DR cost, simplifies DR management, and gives customers the confidence to recover the database when they need it most.

Key features:

  • Optimizes deployment time and reduces expertise required to deploy, automate, and operate the best-practices Oracle DR solution by using out-of-the-box Oracle protection solution templates
  • Lowers the cost of DR operations by providing real-time monitoring and alerts when any deviation in Oracle protection that impairs Oracle recovery occurs
  • Increases confidence that the Oracle DB will facilitate smoother and faster recovery by eliminating manual steps and using single button recovery and drill workflows
  • Maximizes productivity by providing a single console to manage single or multiple Oracle DBs irrespective of the replication technology in use
  • Improves collaboration by providing a web-based real time workflow tracking capability that helps geographically separate teams watch the progress of Oracle DB recovery; customers can now bid goodbye to phone bridges to coordinate drill activities when bringing up Oracle
  • ⦁ Meets regulatory and compliance needs by providing instance control of evidence report for DR drills and recovery of Oracle DB that can be used for compliance and audit purposes

Sanovi DRM for MS SQL Server

Sanovi DRM supports the complete DR life cycle of monitoring, managing, and reporting to ensure recovery readiness of an MS SQL Database. Using Sanovi DRM to protect an MS SQL database reduces DR cost, simplifies DR management, and gives the customer confidence to recover the MS SQL database when they need it most.

Key benefits:

  • Optimizes deployment time and reduces the expertise required to deploy, automate, and operate best-practices Oracle DR solutions by using out-of-the-box MS SQL protection solution templates
  • Lowers the cost of DR operations by providing real-time monitoring and alerts when any deviation in MS SQL protection that may impair MS SQL recovery occurs
  • Increases confidence that the MS SQL database will facilitate smoother and faster recovery by eliminating manual steps and using single button recovery and drill workflows
  • Maximizes productivity by providing a single console to manage single or multiple MS SQL databases irrespective of the replication technology in use
  • Improves collaboration by providing a web-based real time workflow tracking capability that helps geographically separate teams watch the progress of Oracle database recovery; customers can now say goodbye to phone bridges to coordinate drill activities when bringing up MS SQL
  • Meets regulatory and compliance needs by providing instance control of evidence report for DR drills and recovery of the MS SQL database that can be used for compliance and audit purposes
Sanovi for Enterprise Applications

Recovery: It is all about the application

Data replication, OS bring up are but parts of the recovery puzzle. Business and IT care about recovering applications in a timely and consistent manner. Sanovi understands complex applications and their multiple dependencies to enable orderly bring up.

Application aware

Sanovi is build ground up to be application aware. Sanovi integrates tightly with popular databases to ensure consistent protection and recovery. With Sanovi, you can represent complex, multi-tier applications, capture interdependency between various servers and the their recovery order.

Heterogeneous support

Today’s reality is enterprise applications are made up of physical and virtual platforms. True application recovery must support physical and virtual recovery to be relevant and comprehensive. Sanovi support various data protection technologies that enable the appropriate replication choice to meet the required recovery point. Further Sanovi supports various recovery methods like hot-warm for physical and hot-cold for virtual environments. With tight integration with third party replication technologies and extensive platform support, Sanovi enables true application recovery to meet demanding enterprise needs.

Automation & Orchestration

Sanovi has an extensive library of recovery automation steps as part of its Recovery Automation Library (RAL). Sophisticated application recovery workflows can be extended and/or customized to meet various application recovery and test needs. Sanovi customers have reduced application recovery time by over 60% and have reduced their resources needs for DR testing by over 70%.

Sanovi customers have successfully deployed DR for ERP applications such as SAP, banking applications such as Finnacle, Reuters and RTGS and in retail and government vertical industries.

Industry Solutions

Continuous Banking

Reducing Business Risk Due to IT Downtime with Sanovi DR Management Solution

Sanovi’s application defined continuity (ADC) technology based life cycle approach to disaster recovery that the Sanovi DR Management (DRM) solution addresses the DR challenges that banks face, thereby increasing IT availability. Our application aware DRM solution automates application recovery and helps banks reduce IT downtime by recovering application within set SLAs. It addresses issues industry like where the run book may be out-of-date and the steps don’t match the configuration. It also provides the bank with critical data on recovery timeframes, measured against the RTO, and the amount of data loss, measured against the RPO. More importantly, it enables banks completely automate their DR drill process, thereby saving time and resources.

Key Benefits of Sanovi DRM for Banks

  • Adopt an application aware lifecycle based approach to DR leveraging Sanovi’s patented Application Defined Continuity technology which can scale across physical and cloud operating environments.
  • Drive DR operational efficiency, lower the cost of DR operations, and enable agile IT organization
  • Reduce IT down time due to outages by reducing recovery time
  • Meet regulatory requirements of conducting regular DR drills, as automation enables faster and parallel execution of the DR drill process
  • Save on time and resources required to collate data for DR reports by providing ready-made reports
  • Deploy best-practice DR solutions in the shortest time possible through packaged DR templates

Rich Eco-system to Deploy and Support Sanovi DRM

Sanovi works closely with several system integrators and service partners to deploy and support Sanovi DRM software. This provides the bank with the flexibility to work with their partner of choice to deploy and manage the Sanovi DRM solution. Further, several service-related options to customize the product to meet specific client needs or provide on-going operational support are also available through trained partners, thereby ensuring that banks maximize their benefits from deploying our DR Management solution on premise or on private/Hybrid clouds.

Continuous Manufacturing

Sanovi DRM for ERP Applications

ERP applications such as SAP provide solutions for several vertical-industry as well as cross-industry solutions. Enterprises use SAP for production planning, purchasing, logistics, inventory management, customer service, and finance. Each of these applications is critical to the running of the business; hence they need a disaster recovery (DR) solution that will work when needed. There are several considerations that have influenced the design and implementation of a DR solution for SAP. A couple of key considerations are:

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO): Organizations set RPO goals to determine how much data they can afford to lose before it starts adversely impacting their business. The RPO primarily influences the choice of the data replication technology to protect the database in use with the SAP application.
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO): This is the amount of time available to bring up the application at the DR site. The number of actions, the complexity involved, and the expertise required to suitably execute each action determine the achievable RTO for an SAP application

The SAP solution supports a distributed architecture that can be tuned to meet customers’ requirements of scale and performance. There are three logical layers that make up the SAP solution:

  • Presentation layer
  • Application layer
  • Database layer

The presentation layer is typically a web-based interface or SAP Graphic User Interface (GUI) client that runs on an end user workstation. The application layer executes the business logic, manages client transactions, runs reports, and coordinates access to the database. The database layer is an off-the-shelf RDBMS and stores business-generated data.

How Sanovi DRM works

Sanovi DRM provides an application defined continuity based solution to address the various stages of the SAP DR life cycle. A typical SAP DR life cycle solution includes:

  • Configuration/provisioning
  • On-going monitoring of data replication, RPO, and health
  • Regular DR drills
  • Failover and recovery at the time of primary outage
  • Reporting on compliance and deviations

Unique Features And Benefits Of Sanovi DRManagement For SAP

DR Health and RPO Dashboard

Once a DR solution has been implemented, IT operations do not have the visibility to be confident that the solution is meeting the set RPO metrics. Sanovi DRM software provides a single dashboard that gives IT operations the required visibility into the SAP application RPO and the DR health status. Customers will no longer be caught unawares and risk a failure during application recovery at the DR site.

Flip-of-switch Failover and Drill

Application recovery has the highest success rate if it is not dependent solely on the right person doing everything correctly. Sanovi DRM provides an application-aware workflow engine that automates execution of the various DR actions required to failover and bring up the SAP on the DR site. Sanovi customers have consistently experienced over 70% reduction in the time required to perform DR drills that bring up the SAP application on DR as well as minimal dependency on experts.

Recovery Dependency Database

SAP applications have several critical sub-systems that must be up and available. For SAP to come up on the DR, the database, the central instance and all the dialogue instances must come up in an orderly manner; this is besides any networking and directory services recovery that must also be done. The bringing up and recovery of dependent sub-systems in an orderly manner is a huge challenge and currently requires manual co-ordination among various IT groups. Sanovi DRM provides the ability to maintain the required dependency relationship for SAP and the corresponding automation required to bring up the sub-systems in an orderly manner.

Compliance and Deviation Reports

Customers no longer have to manually compile DR drill reports, evidence of control for DR drills, and the number of times the SAP application deviated from its recovery objectives. Sanovi DRM provides reports that can be submitted to regulatory authorities and upper management and are also useful in performing capacity planning of the customer’s infrastructure. Through the reports, customers can easily detect where the bulk of the DR drill time was spent, the number of times the configured RPO value was exceeded in the last month, and which of the enterprise applications were tested in the last six months.

Rich eco-system to deploy and support Sanovi DRM

Sanovi works closely with several system integrators and services partners to deploy and support the Sanovi DRM solution across the manufacturing industry. This gives manufacturing companies the flexibility to zero in on a partner of their choice to deploy and manage the Sanovi DRM solution. Further, several service-related options to customize the product to meet specific needs or provide on-going operational support are also available through partners that have been well trained and hands on experienced, thus ensuring organizations maximize the benefits they can derive by deploying the Sanovi DRM solution.

Continuous Government

The importance of information technology has been understood by all, including governments, across the world. Today, several governments have initiated a number of e-governance projects to trigger the transition of governance from the traditional paper-centric world to the digital world. There are several complex projects that are changing the way we get our work done with the government, including the National Citizens’ Database, Passport and Immigration, Income Tax, and Land Records etc.

Given the scale and support that IT applications provide, it is important for projects to have an IT Disaster Recovery (DR) mechanism enabled right from the start. Given the scale and the heterogeneous nature of IT deployments, DR management software plays a very important role in ensuring that critical IT applications are able to recover within set recovery objectives and meet the citizens’ expectations from e-Governance services.

The Sanovi Solution for Govt/PSU

Sanovi’s Application Defined Continuity (ADC) Technology powered solutions enable the real time monitoring, automated testing and flip of switch failover-fall back operations whereby ensuring a robust and cost effective DR solution with increased operational efficiencies, reduced downtime and manpower. It also provides the resilience for these mission critical projects to have the flexibility to work across on premise and on Cloud models. This is the key reason behind the major government and public sector projects like Dubai Immigration, India Aadhaar, and APDRPs, for having Sanovi as their preferred choice for BCP/DR Management.

Sanovi DRM in eGovernance Projects

Sanovi has been selected for its DR Management capabilities in large and prestigious eGovernance projects such as Ministry of Power and Aadhar