ForeScout offers the unique ability to see devices the instant they connect to the network, control them and orchestrate information sharing and operation among disparate security tools. Unlike traditional security solutions, ForeScout achieves this without requiring software agents or previous device knowledge. ForeScout integrates with leading network, security, mobility and IT management products to overcome security silos, automate workflows and enable significant cost savings.

ForeScout enables organizations to continuously monitor and mitigate security exposures and cyber attacks. The company’s flagship CounterACTTM appliance dynamically identifies and assesses network users, endpoints and applications to provide visibility, intelligence and policy based mitigation of security issues. ForeScout’s open ControlFabricTM technology allows a broad range of IT security products and management systems to share information and automate remediation actions.

Product offering:

ForeScout CounterACT™

ForeScout CounterACT™ is a continuous monitoring and mitigation platform that provides real-time visibility and coordinated controls within your complex IT environment. Based on next-generation network access control (NAC) technologies, CounterACT delivers:

  • Real-time intelligence about the devices, systems, applications and users on your network
  • A wide range of granular controls to help you enforce endpoint security policy
  • Information sharing and automation among your existing IT security and management systems to help you rapidly fix security issues and contain breaches
  • Dynamically identifies and assesses network users, endpoints and applications.
  • Provides full network access control (NAC), pre- and post-admission.
  • Directly remediates endpoint security issues.
  • Triggers third-party remediation systems.

Key features:

ForeScout CounterACT™ lets you see users, devices, systems and applications the moment they attempt to access your network. It’s real-time visibility:

  • Does NOT require software agents or prior knowledge of the device
  • Dynamically discovers, profiles and assesses:
    • Wired and wireless
    • Managed and unmanaged
    • Virtual and embedded
    • Laptops and mobile
    • IoT devices

ForeScout CounterACT™ enforces network access control, letting you:

  • Grant access based on user, device and security posture
  • Restrict unauthorized devices and users
  • Tailor access policies based on user, role, device type, authentication, operating system, device ownership, security posture, location, time of day and more
  • Streamline secure guest registration and on-boarding

ForeScout CounterACT™ ensures that managed and unmanaged endpoints comply with your security policies. This industry-leading NAC appliance:

  • Monitors your compliance levels
  • Supports regulatory audit requirements
  • Provides on-demand asset intelligence
  • Automatically fixes identified issues
  • Invokes your existing patch management, remediation or helpdesk systems

ForeScout ControlFabric™ enables ForeScout CounterACT™ and other IT solutions to exchange information and more efficiently mitigate a wide variety of network, security and operational issues.

How it works:

  • Dynamically identifies and assesses network users, endpoints and applications.
  • Provides full network access control
  • Directly remediates endpoint security issues
  • Triggers third-party remediation systems

ForeScout integrates with more than 70 different network, security, mobility and IT management products, allowing for automated workflows, significant time and cost savings and far better security.

The ForeScout Difference

ForeScout CounterACT is dramatically easier and faster to deploy than traditional policy enforcement products. Here is why:

  • Turnkey. Everything is contained in a single physical or virtual appliance. Setup is fast and easy with built-in configuration wizards and templates.
  • ForeScout works with what you have. We work with the majority of popular switches, routers, firewalls, endpoints, patch management systems, antivirus systems, directories, ticketing systems that you already have. We require no infrastructure changes or equipment upgrades.
  • Agentless. ForeScout CounterACT can identify, classify, authenticate and control network access of both managed and unmanaged (BYOD) endpoints without any help from agents or any kind of preconfigured endpoint software. Deep endpoint inspection can also be done without an agent as long as CounterACT has administrative credentials on the endpoint. In situations where CounterACT does not have administrative credentials (e.g. BYOD), deep inspection can be performed with the help of our optional SecureConnector agent.
  • Non-disruptive. Unlike conventional NAC products that immediately disrupt users with heavy-handed access controls, ForeScout CounterACT can be deployed seamlessly without impacting any users or devices. Furthermore, our solution can easily be implemented in a phased approach to minimize disruption and accelerates results. In the initial phase, CounterACT gives you visibility to your trouble spots. When you want to move forward with automated control, you can do so gradually, starting with the most problematic locations and choosing an appropriate enforcement action.
  • Open interoperability. Unlike infrastructure vendors which offer minor interoperability and modest third-party coverage, ForeScout CounterACT offers extensive third-party vendor interoperability and an open integration architecture. Learn more about ForeScout ControlFabric.
  • Accelerated results. ForeScout CounterACT provides useful results on Day 1 by giving you real-time visibility to assets and security issues on your network. The built-in knowledge base helps you configure security policies quickly and accurately.
ForeScout ControlFabric

ControlFabric enables ForeScout CounterACT and other IT solutions to exchange information and more efficiently mitigate a wide variety of network, security and operational issues. As a result, you can achieve continuous monitoring and mitigation capabilities that better leverage your infrastructure investments and optimize your IT resources.

Leveraging ControlFabric, CounterACT can share contextual information with other security and IT management systems, thereby reducing the problem of disconnected systems and information silos. Additionally, ControlFabric opens CounterACT’s real-time control and automated remediation to your IT systems that heretofore have been limited to collecting, generating, analyzing or storing information.

Extended Integration Modules

Extended ControlFabric integrations are available in the form of modules that can be optionally purchased and added to the CounterACT appliance. Each module requires an additional license and is comprised of one or more software plugins that can be downloaded from ForeScout’s customer support portal. Current integration modules developed and supported by ForeScout include:

Custom Integrations

The Open Integration Module, an extended ControlFabric Integration, is optionally licensed and is comprised of a set of plugins that allow a partner, system integrator or customer the means to develop custom integrations. It is comprised of software plugins that can be downloaded from ForeScout’s customer support portal. The Open Integration Module currently supports the following standards-based integration mechanisms: Web Services API, SQL, LDAP. Additionally, ForeScout CounterACT natively supports Syslog.

Solution offerings

Taking advantage of next-gen network access control (NAC) capabilities, CounterACT’s real-time visibility and control is uniquely architected in a way that offers seamless interoperability, avoids network re-architecture and upgrade impact, and preserves business productivity. Customers apply CounterACT to address a wide variety of use cases across access control, endpoint classification and integrity, BYOD and mobile security, threat prevention and response, and compliance. While your organization may have a few key preliminary applications, ForeScout CounterACT’s advanced architecture and functionality provides value across a customer’s product lifecycle. Click one of the links below to learn more about CounterACT’s applications.

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