Exinda was founded in 2002 and has grown to be recognized for its innovation and service in WAN Optimization and Network Control for mid–sized companies, academic institutions and government agencies.

Exinda delivers innovative WAN Optimization and Network Control solutions to mid–sized enterprises and institutions around the world. Thousands of customers rely on Exinda to meet their application service level agreements (SLAs) and control the way WAN and Internet resources are consumed. Exinda is different. We take an intelligent approach to application SLA assurance and network control, which is critical in modern networks that span many devices, clouds and countries.

Product offerings:

Exinda Network Orchestrator:The Six in One Network Orchestration Solution

Guarantee the performance of strategic applications, contain and control recreational traffic and diagnose and resolve network problems quickly.

Exinda Network Orchestrator was engineered to help Network Managers and Administrators solve the biggest IT challenges facing today’s complex network. Exinda takes an integrated approach combining interactive analytics, an intelligent recommendation engine and powerful actions like shaping and optimization in a single, easy to use suite.

Interactive Analytics

View innovative dashboards to see network activities across all users, applications, devices, and locations. Analyze and inspect application traffic at layer 7 so you can troubleshoot issues quickly when they arise. Model and interact with data to better understand the health of your network and applications.

Purpose Built Reports

Browse the solution center which features a library of reports designed to help solve your most important IT issues. View a catalog of reports designed to address specific issues faced by Network Managers including WAN Planning, Application Performance, Network Governance and Critical IT Projects.

Recommendation Engine

Our patent-pending recommendation engine studies patterns and changes in your network. It discovers potential problems before they occur and automatically makes suggestions to repair issues, adjust policies, and optimize network performance.

Policy-based Shaping

Our award winning traffic shaping technology lets you prioritize how and when users, applications and web sites consume bandwidth on your network. Integration with Microsoft Active Directory means you can control bandwidth by user, group, time and location.

Application Acceleration

Make sure your applications always deliver a great user experience. Premise, cloud and mobile applications all need to deliver reliable performance for your business to run smoothly. Our application acceleration technology makes sure your critical business apps are always lightning fast.

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor the health of your network in real time. Gain insight into how your strategic applications are performing and the amount of bandwidth being consumed by all users, applications, locations, and devices across the network.

Key Features:

  • Reduce Network Costs

    Exinda customers typically lower WAN costs by up to 40%.
  • Troubleshoot Problems Faster

    Network administrators using Exinda diagnose and resolve problems 3X faster.
  • Ensure Resources for Key Applications

    Deliver against application SLAs every time and reduce user complaints by up to 75%.
  • Enforce Appropriate Use of the Network

    Immediately stop peer-to-peer and streaming video from hogging your bandwidth.
  • Support Critical IT Projects

    Make data center recovery, consolidation and unified communications projects more efficient.
Features & Add-ons:

Value-added features designed for the extra power, insight and scale needed to deliver a best-in-class user experience.

Our portfolio of orchestration add-on features are designed to give the additional power, insight and scale needed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding networks. Support your mobile workforce, make cloud applications faster, improve Internet performance – whatever your unique network challenge, we can help. These features are designed to help Network Managers meet their WAN SLAs even on the largest and most complex networks.

Exinda Mobile

Ensure reliable application performance for mobile and remote workers. Guarantee your users can work productively from anywhere. Exinda Mobile delivers lightening fast app performance for notebooks and other client devices.

Exinda Edge Cache

Make cloud and other web apps perform faster and prevent network disruption during mass download events. Exinda Edge Cache stores downloaded web content at the network’s edge, so when multiple users try to download the same content, it is delivered from a local store instead of across the WAN.

Exinda Management Center

Get complete management insight and configuration control from one central console. All applications, devices, users, and activities across all network locations managed from the same place. Manage multi-box Exinda deployments from one easy-to-use dashboard designed to scale to the size of your network.

Solution offerings:

Exinda’s unique WAN Orchestration solution focuses on making the network more reliable, more productive and faster. Exinda provides the only solution in the market that combines Analytics, Recommendation and Action all in one platform.

Unified Communications and Collaboration:

Improve Collaboration and Increase Productivity

Real-time Unified Communications applications require a significant amount of bandwidth to deliver the quality of experience users expect. When performing optimally, UC enables teams across the enterprise to collaborate and share ideas in new and exciting ways. Exinda helps organizations realize the full potential of their Unified Communications investments by ensuring voice and video applications deliver when users need it most.

  • Guarantee Your UC&C Investment

    Voice and video can’t be compressed like traditional applications and must be treated differently to deliver predictable performance. With real-time health monitoring of your network and prioritization of your UC traffic flows, we help you guarantee perfect voice and video quality for all users and help you achieve the full operational benefits of your UC deployments.
  • Don’t Let WAN Prevent Adoption

    Employee adoption is essential to realizing ROI of any UC implementation. When UC tools perform as promised, users can collaborate in real-time, helping boost productivity and drive business success. We correlate and help solve Quality of Experience issues like dropped calls and choppy audio caused by inadequate or misconfigured network infrastructures that can impede UC adoption.

Application Performance:

Not All Business Applications Are the Same

Applications like Salesforce, WebEx and Office 365 are implemented with the intention to improve operational efficiency and drive business success. The truth is, how an application performs is greatly impacted by the network it runs on and improving performance can’t be done with a one size fits all solution. Data, voice and video must each be treated differently to perform reliably.

Exinda helps organizations understand the various application types and orchestrate the perfect network to match business needs.

  • Monitor and Understand Network Activity

    We provide you deep insight into the users, devices, applications and activities on your network. A library of purpose-built reports, powerful analytics and predictive recommendations enable network teams to diagnose and resolve problems 3x faster.
  • Contain and Control Recreational Traffic

    With Exinda on your network, recreational traffic like streaming video and P2P file sharing is easy to monitor and control. You can identify problem users, web sites and apps, and app¬ly automated policies to limit or prevent bandwidth allocation.
  • Guarantee Application Performance

    With Exinda in place, applications perform as promised and user complaints drop by 75% or more. With the power to accelerate, shape and cache application traffic in a single solution, you can guarantee your most important applications always perform.

Cloud Application Control:

Guarantee a Smooth Transition to Cloud Applications

According to Gartner, the number of companies utilizing cloud-based applications is expected to jump by 60% in the next 5 years. Whether it’s employing SharePoint, Salesforce or Google Apps for Business, Exinda’s Cloud Application Control helps you make a smooth transition to the cloud without sacrificing application performance.

Exinda helps organizations realize the full potential of cloud application investments by delivering the quality of experience users expect.

  • Don’t Let WAN Prevent Adoption

    When moving any business critical application to the cloud, employee adoption is essential to realizing ROI. When these applications perform as promised, users have no barriers to adopting new technology. With our policy-driven QoE control, we help you prioritize your cloud applications so that users always experience the optimal application performance they need to be productive and drive business success.
  • Maximize Your Cloud Investment

    Cloud applications must be treated differently from other Internet traffic in order to deliver predictable performance. With real-time health sensing, proactive recommendations and automated diagnostics of your network, we help you guarantee the user experience you need to achieve the full operational benefits of your cloud application deployments.

Enterprise and Branch Office:

Performance at a Distance

Today’s workforce is increasingly distributed, with more users connecting to the corporate network from across the globe. Many companies have consolidated IT resources in data centers and are leveraging direct Internet access in order to reduce costs. But when non-strategic traffic drains network resources, the performance of business critical applications at the branch office often degrades. When managed correctly, these business applications can perform as promised for all users across the extended enterprise, without investing in extra bandwidth to support remote locations.

Exinda helps organizations reduce IT complexity and cost no matter where business critical applications are hosted or accessed.

  • Optimize Your WAN Spend

    Long wait times when accessing business critical applications is common for branch offices with limited WAN resources. We deliver insight into how users, devices and applications are performing across all of your locations so you can manage bandwidth more effectively, take control of your network and avoid costly bandwidth upgrades.
  • Reduce Need for Highly Trained IT Staff

    Data-driven organizations stay ahead of competitors by leveraging analytics to understand and anticipate customer needs and shifts in the marketplace. We leverage proactive QoE diagnostics, advanced analytics and codified subject matter expertise to tell our clients – What happened / is happening and what you should do to fix problems impacting end users.

Managed Service Providers:

Grow Your Managed IT Business

t’s getting harder to differentiate from the competition. Every day new practices open up, offering similar managed IT services at lower prices. Our partners tell us they need new services to attract customers and increase profits, tools that are easy to deploy and operate and innovation that improves customer experience.

Exinda helps MSPs of all sizes drive new revenue, reduce customer churn and guarantee end user quality of experience.

  • Grow Revenue with New Services

    Augment your existing remote infrastructure services with visibility and control of all applications and users. Differentiate from your competitors with 24×7 application performance monitoring, alerting and control.
  • Control Rising WAN Costs

    Help customers control WAN costs, ensure they are getting the service levels committed by their ISPs, avoid costly burst rates and roll out new applications without having to add incremental infrastructure.
  • Ensure Application QOE

    Our Application Performance Scoring sends your NOC staff automatic alerts so they can respond to issues faster and ensure customers’ critical applications always perform as expected.
  • Resolve Problems Faster

    Make it easy for your team to identify, diagnose and fix customer application and network issues quickly. Interactive analytics, alerting and proactive recommendations help accelerate problem resolution time and ensure you can always meet customer SLAs.

Higher Education:

Higher Education Networks are Constantly in Flux. Universities and colleges have embraced online courseware and learning management systems to fully engage students and create a more collaborative educational experience. Students use the Internet for a wide variety of academic and social needs and often use multiple devices at the same time. An optimal education network requires visibility into who is accessing the network, what the application is and what resources are being consumed — and most importantly have the ability to control that consumption automatically.

Exinda helps higher education institutions deliver a quality and controlled Internet experience across all campus networks.

  • Control Recreational Traffic

    Streaming video, social media and online gaming can congest your network. We help you identify the sites and applications that are being accessed by students and teachers to eliminate unwanted traffic across campus and enforce appropriate use of institution network assets. Our purpose-built reports also allow you to track users who may be hosting content that is subject to RIAA or MPAA copyright violation notices.
  • Prioritize Your Critical Applications

    With the power to accelerate, shape and cache application traffic in a single solution, we help you protect strategic applications that drive day-to-day administration and deliver enhanced learning experiences from competing traffic. With Exinda you can guarantee students and teachers have a predictable Internet experience on and off campus.
  • Avoid Costly Bandwidth Upgrades

    Campus IT teams are under pressure to reduce network operating costs and contain bandwidth expenditures. We help you protect the valuable bandwidth you have by ensuring it is fairly allocated by campus, user, group, application and time of day. With Exinda you can control network costs and delay bandwidth upgrades by eliminating wasteful consumption.

K12 Digital Learning:

Network Orchestration Makes Digital Learning Possible.

Digital learning empowers students to control of the time, place, path and pace in which they learn. From mobile learning and video instruction to online testing, students are now perpetually connected, absorb knowledge at a tremendous rate and consume information in innovative ways. Network orchestration guarantees the quality Internet experience needed to support the connected classroom.

  • Ensure Safe Internet Use

    Exinda provides an easy way to measure the performance and reliability of the network. With our real-time monitoring, interactive analytics and historical trend reporting we help you fully understand changes in network performance and give you insight into what sites and applications are being accessed by students to ensure safe Internet use and guarantee learning applications always perform.
  • Protect Learning Applications

    Whether it’s for mobile learning, video instruction or online testing, students and staff need a predictable and reliable Internet experience. We help ensure high-quality voice and video across the network, no matter where users are located or what device is in use. With Exinda, you can protect your strategic learning applications using policies that guarantee bandwidth during peak hours or during online testing weeks.