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Quest Software, formerly DELL Software delivers extensive end to end solutions to tackle your IT challenges. Secure, manage and protect any applications, systems, devices and data.

The right solutions can deliver business agility and innovation for staying ahead of the market curves as well as attracting and retaining more customers than you ever imagined. But for your organization to truly fulfill the promise of IT, you have to efficiently manage its myriad pitfalls and intricacies. Quest Software delivers the extensive capabilities you need to tackle these challenges and thrive. We make it easy to securely manage and protect applications, systems, devices and data for organizations of all sizes. Our simple yet powerful software – combined with Dell hardware and services – provide scalable, integrated solutions to drive value and accelerate results. Whether it’s Windows infrastructure, the cloud and mobile computing, or networks, databases and business intelligence, we drastically reduce complexity and risk to unlock the power of IT.

Product offerings:
DELL NetVault Backup

NetVault Backup is a comprehensive backup and recovery software solution that allows enterprises to protect data in diverse IT environments – all from one intuitive console. It’s scalable and supports multiple server and application platforms across your organization. A single, intuitive interface requires minimal experience, simplifying your data backup and recovery operations.

Key features:
  • Simplify server backup and recovery across both physical and virtual environments
  • Streamline operations and reduce the possibility of errors with a single, easy-to-use interface
  • Ensure availability of business-critical applications, including Oracle, Exchange, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, and SAP
  • Get advanced data protection for information stored on network-attached storage (NAS) devices
  • Back up to tape or disk, and leverage data deduplication to minimize your storage footprint

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Reliably protect critical application data in physical and virtual environments:

NetVault Backup offers advanced data protection for Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Domino, Informix, SAP and Sybase. No scripting is required to run online backup and recovery jobs.

Get advanced data protection for information stored on network-attached storage (NAS) devices:

NetVault Backup supports NAS devices made by Dell, EMC, Hitachi, IBM, NetApp and Sun. Schedule and recover NetApp snapshots through NetVault’s user interface, and improve backup speeds by transferring backup data over NDMP. NetVault Backup supports many different storage topologies and configurations.

Use backup storage that matches your restore SLAs, budget and retention policy:

NetVault Backup supports a wide range of backup storage targets, including different types of disk-based storage, Dell and third-party deduplication appliances, and physical tape libraries. You can also avoid data transfers over the LAN by attaching a target storage device directly to a source server.

Reduce network traffic and your backup storage footprint with global deduplication:

NetVault integrates seamlessly with the Dell DR family of deduplication appliances .( ) , enabling you to take full advantage of the appliance’s global deduplication, compression and replication capabilities. Shrink backup windows and improve restore times, use source-side deduplication to reduce network traffic and efficiently send copies of your backup data offsite for disaster recovery.

Quickly recover an entire system after a catastrophic failure:

NetVault’s Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) ( option simplifies and expedites the bare metal recovery process by automating most of the manual processes in rebuilding a server.

Dell DR Series Disk Backup and Deduplication Appliances

Significantly improve your organization’s backup and recovery processes by reducing the amount of data that needs to be stored. Doing so is significantly faster and easier using the Quest DR Series disk backup appliances, which are purpose–built disk platforms leveraging advanced deduplication technology.

The DR Series appliances are 2U, rack–based system backup storage repositories that include deduplication and compression technology in their operating system. The DR4100 is designed for medium enterprises and remote sites. It is available in raw capacities of 2.7, 5.4, 9, 18 and 27 TB , and can be expanded to a total of 81TB of usable capacity (post RAID) using two Dell PowerVault MD1200 expansion shelves .

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The DR6000 is engineered to support larger enterprises and scales up to 252TB of usable post-RAID capacity using four expansion shelves in configurations of 9, 18, 27, 36 and 54TB. Both appliances utilize Quest’s global, block-based inline deduplication and compression technology to reduce the amount of backup storage capacity needed to protect your data.

Both the DR4100 and the DR6000 support NFS, CIFS , OST, Rapid NFS/Rapid CIFS and RDA (Rapid Data Access) protocols at no additional cost. Rapid NFS/Rapid CIFS helps speed the ingestion of file shares backed up using NFS or CIFS.

The DR Series systems are certified to support Quest and third-party backup applications, enabling you to take advantage of the space and time savings from deduplicated backups, regardless of the backup application in your environment. The DR Series system license also includes replication features at no additional cost and a Global View management console that automates the management of multiple DR appliances within a network.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit.

Key Features:

Easy addition to existing backup and disaster recovery workflow – The appliance supports leading backup applications, including NetVault Backup and vRanger from Quest Software, as well as solutions from CommVault and Symantec.

Support for VTL – Support legacy backup processes by sending workloads to disk as Virtual Tape Libraries using NDMP or iSCSI protocols.

Better security – Encrypt data at rest in-line or post process using industry-standard FIPS 140-2 compliant 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Simple to deploy and manage – These purpose-built backup solutions are easy to install, deploy, and manage.

Increased cost savings – All-inclusive licensing reduces acquisition costs, while compression and deduplication technology significantly reduces data backup storage requirements up to 93 percent and replication bandwidth requirements by 15x.

Choice of source or target deduplication – The DR Series systems are integrated with NetVault Backup software and the Rapid Data Access (RDA) plug-in, ensuring that you have a choice of source or target deduplication to help optimize backup performance.

Powerful performance – With ingest speeds up to 25TB/hour * you can easily meet your backup window and recovery time objectives.

Reduced dependence on tape backups – Minimize physical tape backup dependency by sending backup volumes to DR appliance disks in Virtual Tape Library format using your LAN or SAN. The DR Series systems can also act as an archive repository for long term retention of data backed up using AppAssure core software.

Ability to maintain data online on disk longer – The DR Series enables you to maintain your backup data on disk longer, enabling fast and accurate restores as needed.

Superb scalability – Add more storage capacity on the fly and scale to support up to 3.2PB logical capacity with RAID 6 storage .***

Advanced data protection – Experience automated and continuous data verification when writing to disk to ensure data recoverability.

Optimized replication –Enhance disaster recovery with bi-directional many-to-one replication, cascaded replication or replication seeding.

* Assumes usage of Rapid NFS/Rapid CIFS, multiple backup or client servers, and the maximum number of expansion shelves.

** For a list of supported backup applications, please refer to the DR Series System Interoperability Guide.

*** Maximum capacity of DR6000 with 6TB disks, four expansion shelves, and 15:1 deduplication ratio.

Dell PowerVaultTM – Storage Direct-Attached Storage (DAS)

Enjoy fast, easy data protection with the Quest PowerVaultTM DL Disk–Based Backup Appliance powered by CommVault. One of the industry’s premier integrated solutions for faster disk–based backups and recoveries, this integrated backup–to–disk appliance enables you to start protecting your critical data in less than 30 minutes. Features include:

  • Wizard–driven setup and management capabilitiesBuilt–in data deduplication
  • Built–in data deduplication
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