ContentKeeper provides proven Web security solutions to secure today’s Web 2.0 and mobile centric business environments. Our solutions enable organizations to protect and control gateway Internet access and to embrace mobile technology, social media and cloud-based services without compromising security. Even in today’s evolving threat landscape, ContentKeeper’s advanced, multi-layered behavioral analysis technology with high speed SSL (decrypted) packet inspection ensures mission critical Internet resources and services are protected – regardless of the device being used or where employees arelocated.

ContentKeeper’s Multi-Gig, layer 2 bridge design maximizes scalability, high performance and reliability.Real-time Web content and threat analysis engines are backed by our patented (Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering) shared intelligence network to ensure protection, before you need it.

Solution Offerings:

Web Threat Protection


Block malware and polymorphic code, detect active vulnerability exploits and identify new threats in real-time.

As the Web has changed, so too has the range and sophistication of Web threats. Signature-based,malware detection database systems are insufficient protection against today’s active threats – capturing less than 40% of attacks in the wild. These reactive anti-virus technologies have never provided adequate protection, even when up-to- date, against a constantly shifting Web threat landscape.

The Spectrum of Web-Based Threats

The threat landscape today is congested with a wide array of malicious security threats:
  • Viruses, spyware and Trojans (signature-prone malware)
  • Polymorphic malware and dynamic, targeted malware creation tools (signature-resistant)
  • Advanced persistent threats (targeted infiltration)
  • Browser vulnerability exploits like Cross Site Scripting and iFrame injection (JavaScript exploits)
  • Rootkits, Botnets and fast flux DNS command & control systems (runs behind AV)
  • Drive-by malware downloaders and Scareware/Fake Anti-Virus (“Ransomware”)
  • Social engineering/exploitation and social networking account hacking (lowered guard syndrome)
ContentKeeper provides a complete Web Threat Protection solution which unites the best of today’s anti-virus technologies with sophisticated, real-time malicious behavior assessment to form the next generation of predictive Web security. This ensures protection from not just viruses, but active browser exploits, new zero-day vulnerabilities and polymorphic threats which are normally immune to signature-based detection.

Web Filtering


Acceptable Internet Use and Policy-Based Compliance.

Web Filtering is a key security requirement for almost any organization’s IT network. Put simply, Web Filtering is about controlling access to inappropriate or dangerous Internet content, while ensuring you can access valuable content when you need to. Organizations utilize Web Filtering to provide a productive and safe work or learning environment and meet regulatory or legal compliance obligations. Until recently, Web Filtering has centred on URL Filtering, or libraries of websites sorted into subject categories. However, this approach has a problem; there are always more websites to classify and Web content can change minute-by- minute. Today, ContentKeeper’s Web Filtering solutions provide real-time,high performance Web content analysis, utilizing advanced heuristics and deep packet inspection.ContentKeeper integrates a diverse range of powerful, policy-based controls to enable your organisation to have a complete, fine level of control over web use on any Web-connected device, located anywhere. Web Filter Pro also provides a solid base for protection against web borne malware and security threats. ContentKeeper Web Filtering features:
  • URL Filtering List supported by Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering™ network
  • Policy management for BYOD and mobile devices
  • Real-time, dynamic content classification as users browse the Web
  • Full scanning of all Web traffic, including HTTPS/SSL
  • Granular Web application / social media controls for sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Google
  • File controls / Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) file content management
  • Usage quotas for individual time or bandwidth allocations
  • Roles-based / delegated administration functions allow relevant personnel control over their own areas of responsibility (departments, districts, domains, directory groups, etc) Coaching / warning pages to “gently advise” users when accessing potentially restricted Web content
  • In-depth reporting with scheduled delivery to automatically put meaningful information in the hands of stakeholders, when they want it.

BYOD & Mobile Filtering

Policy based, Web Filtering and Active Malware Protection for Any Device, Anywhere.

With users able to utilize the Web on the move, with a range of mobile devices and portable computers, on wireless or roaming unknown networks – how do you manage device security and enforce consistent Web use policies when and where you need to? ContentKeeper provides a flexible solution for BYOD and 1:1/ allocated device deployments.ContentKeeper can enforce Web security and acceptable use restrictions on workstations,Smartphones, iPads, and laptops whether behind your network gateway or in the cloud whenroaming or remote. Web Filter Pro also provides a solid base for protection against web borne malware and security threats. ContentKeeper supports a range of devices
  • iPhones / Smartphones (Android, Chrome, Windows)
  • iPads / Tablets (Android, Chrome, Windows)
  • Laptops / Notebooks / Ultrabooks
  • Workstations (network or home / remote locations)
ContentKeeper BYOD / Mobile Device Accountability & Control features
  • Authenticate unknown devices on your wireless network and/or provide restricted Web access to guest / unidentified devices without software
  • On-device application agent for roaming, 1:1/ allocated device management
  • Provide Web filtering and active malware protection for any device
  • License by user, so users are free to browse the Web with any device
  • Consolidated Web use reporting for users across all devices
  • iOS / iPad tamper-proof controls

HTTPS / SSL Security

Complete Web Security for Encrypted Web Traffic to and from Your Devices

The widespread use of HTTPS encryption for websites and the increasing demand for secure Web content means it is becoming an ever more appealing target for malicious attack and internal abuse. How do you know that Web traffic over SSL connections is legitimate and appropriate, and not leaked confidential information or being redirected to un-authenticated domains and intercepted? ContentKeeper provides a comprehensive HTTPS Web filtering solution with complete policy control over the authentication standards for SSL sessions. ContentKeeper can ensure HTTPS Web traffic is only to websites with valid and authenticated SSL certificates and can apply advanced threat protection and content filtering. CONTENTKEEPER DELIVERS PROVEN, MULTI-GIG, FULL AND/OR SELECTIVE DATA DECRYPTION AND FILTERING CAPABILITIES (Multi-Gig reference sites are available on request) ContentKeeper HTTPS / SSL Security features:
  • Restrict or deny connections to websites with self-signed or invalid SSL certificates
  • Ensure Web traffic over SSL connections is legitimate and not an attempt to circumvent normal HTTP Web filtering policies
  • Safeguard data uploaded to the Web as authorized and not confidential; and downloads are not illegal or malicious
  • SSL decoding and deep content inspection with no client software required on devices
ContentKeeper provides high-performance real-time HTTPS content inspection through an inline design. As a Layer 2 Ethernet bridge, ContentKeeper is able to filter encrypted Web traffic in the browsing session without compromising the integrity of the encrypted session or slowing browsing performance. This means that your users can securely access HTTPS websites from any device and remain filtered and policy compliant.

Social Networking Controls

Control Web 2.0 applications, social media and enforce granular policies on application functions and communications.

Social Networking and Social Media sites like Facebook, Google and YouTube have become so much more than mere “websites”. They are Web-enabled applications that provide users with a range of tools and capabilities. Simplistic policies, like block YouTube, are impractical in today’s always-connected Web 2.0 world. Today’s Web filtering solutions need to be able to provide granular control over Web applications and actively segment content within websites. How do you know that Web traffic over SSL connections is legitimate and appropriate, and not leaked confidential information or being redirected to un-authenticated domains and intercepted? ContentKeeper provides comprehensive controls to manage a wide range of Web 2.0 applications.With a policy-based framework, IT departments can have the power to restrict downloads and uploads, implement time and data-based quota restrictions, provide ‘read-only’ access, monitor and report on user activity. ContentKeeper supports a range of Web applications and social networking functions:
  • Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines – enforce Safe Search results, and limit access to functions such as Gmail or Google Images.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networking sites – control the ability to use chat or comment functions and block apps.
  • eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and other auction/shopping content – manage access to listing categories such as personals and jobs, as well as uploading content.
  • YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket and other social media sites – control uploads and downloads,manage access to restricted content, limit abilities such as comments and ‘likes’.
  • Instant Messaging applications such as AIM and MSN – identify traffic by protocol and restrict access or add reporting alerts.

Product Offerings:

Secure Internet Gateway

Web Security/Web Filtering, Mobile Security, Advanced Malware Protection and Reporting.

ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway (CK-SIG) is an advanced, multifaceted Web security, Web filtering, Threat protection and Security reporting system for organizational networks and mobile devices. It integrates the most sophisticated and robust Web content analysis and proactive threat detection technologies available, to provide a total solution for today’s and tomorrow’s Web security needs. ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway is a Multi-Layered malware defense system . It unifies Multiple critical Web security functions into a single cohesive, easy to manage next-generation solution to block the ever increasing number of Web born threats.

Web Filtering

CK-SIG automatically maintains a safe and productive work or study environment. ContentKeeper ensures no harmful or offensive content is accessible to users via a comprehensive Website category database, dynamic Web content classification and application controls. ContentKeeper also provides extensive policy controls and flexible exceptions to prevent annoying over-blocking of legitimate Web resources. With over 17 years of continuous development ContentKeeper provides the most comprehensive and feature rich web filtering system available.

Advanced Threat Protection

Secure Web Gateway is a multifaceted anti-malware and malicious Web threat security system. It combines multiple layers of advanced malware identification technology to provide the best available barrier against Web threats: Its signature based engines work alongside its behavioural analysis and sandboxing engines, combining multiple technologies to actively identity threats and block them:
  • Streaming Malware Defense (SMD) – high performance, streaming, signature-based anti-virus with fast, real-time packet inspection. SMD identifies and instantly blocks known Malware.
  • Behavioural Analysis Engine (BAE) – isolated virtual browser attack analysis environment.Automatically tests browser based objects, intelligently executes and assesses the behavior of JavaScript (including obfuscated objects) and unpacks PDF files looking for any signs of malicious activity.
  • Cloud Sandbox (CSB) – a virtualized test computer environment where suspicious samples are executed and analyzed for any signs of malicious behavior. CSB analyses files that pass the previous layers of anti-malware inspection.
  • Threat Isolation System – The Threat Isolation Engine is a rules based engine designed to isolate infected/compromised desktop machines and alert administrators. It helps prevent malware payloads being delivered, Botnet Participation and access to malware command and control systems. It also helps prevents the loss of valuable IP being exfiltrated via those malware infected machines.

Advanced Reporting

ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway provides comprehensive enterprise-class reporting capabilities covering Web traffic, user activity, policy compliance and security events. Management-friendly and forensic drilldown reports are provided as well as roles-based reporting access,scheduled report generation and automated email delivery or HTML publishing. Reports can be output in a range of formats giving you the flexibility to deliver reports how and when you want them. Formats include:
  • Adobe Portable Document Format – PDF (via Word)
  • Microsoft Word – DOC
  • Microsoft Excel – XLS
  • Plain Text – TXT
  • Webpage – HTML
ContentKeeper provides a complete solution to address the myriad of Web-based threats and many of the challenging IT compliance requirements of any industry. ContentKeeper helps you secure the borderless network and the mobile / cloud environment with next-generation Web Security.


Understand your organizational Web usage and Internet security situation and challenges.

ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway and Web Filter Pro provide a comprehensive solution to meet the threats and challenges of today’s IT requirements. Accurate, extensive and timely reporting and Alerting capabilities are essential in todays Internet world. ContentKeeper's reporting modules provide those capabilities whether you are reporting across 10 megs or Terabytes of Internet log file data. ContentKeeper Reporting provides the essential tools to ensure security, legal compliance and maintaining a safe working or learning environment for organizations. WEB BASED : EASY TO USE : FAST : MULTI-TENNANTED : MUTLI-TERRABYTE READY ContentKeeper's Point and Click Dashboard Blocking Report ContentKeeper provides a choice of powerful, yet easy to use and highly flexible reporting platforms that enable you to gain meaningful insight into your Web use and make informed decisions:


A powerful Web-based reporting solution with pre-defined and customizable reporting options. ReportCentral can be run on the filtering appliance or for larger sites on a dedicated reporting appliance. Its multi-tennant capabilities allow for delegated reporting and secure segregation of data-storage. Reports can be run on an adhoc or scheduled basis and delivered instantly or via email in various common formats.ContentKeeper reporting solutions enable your organization to consolidate reporting data across multiple locations, devices or domains. Reporting can be delegated to appropriate personnel depending on their particular areas of concern. ContentKeeper provides these reporting options for detailed analysis in large-scale or high volume Web traffic deployments.


High performance Web security and reporting appliance series.

ContentKeeper provides a range of high performance Web security appliances to best meet the needs of your organization, large or small. All ContentKeeper appliances feature our unique in-line Web traffic inspection design (Layer 2 Ethernet bridge). This ensures that all Internet traffic coming into or going out of your organization must pass through ContentKeeper inspection. It also means that Web traffic is processed and analyzed at sustained throughput speeds up to and beyond 10gbit/s. ContentKeeper appliances feature:
  • 64-bit processors on an Industrial Strength platform designed to last
  • Active fail-open circuits (fully configurable) to ensure mission critical Web access (High Availability) where it counts
  • A range of communication speed options including 1000BaseT though to 10G optical interfaces. Load balancer option available for massive scalability
  • Industry leading hardware warranties, replacement guarantee and 24/7 support
  • Dynamic updates to minimize administration and ensure you have the latest product features
  • Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering network access ensures you have the latest website classifications and threat incident intelligence

ContentKeeper Cache

Save Money, Reduce Bandwidth and Increase the Speed of your Network.

Take advantage of ContentKeeper Technologies' high speed, easy-to- use caching solution. Maximize the benefit of your existing network infrastructure by optimising and/or directing data flows.Caching can help direct traffic, reduce server load, improve delivery speed, and improve response times for frequently accessed content. Upgrade to a TurboCache appliance for lightening fast performance.
  • Save bandwidth and reduce server load by storing frequently accessed data locally for efficient access.
  • Optimize data flow between users and servers.
  • Manage traffic easily with a simple and intuitive “drag and drop” Access Control List (ACL) based on Microsoft Active Directory groups, as well as traffic groupings, sources, and destinations.
  • Active Directory Authentication.
  • Drag & drop proxy forwarding.
  • Improve delivery speed and response times through optimizing TCP flows, providing faster access to cached content.
  • Reduce costs and enhance performance by reducing bandwidth usage to access frequently used Internet resources, efficiently manage network resources by targeting, consolidating and directing Internet traffic.
  • Incredible speed with a ContentKeeper TurboCache Appliance

Layer 2 Load Balancer

ContentKeeper LBA Transparent Layer 2 Intelligent Load Balancer Appliance – DashBoard

Traffic Management / Packet Broker / High Availability

ContentKeeper’s LBA (CK-LBA) provides Intelligent, Transparent Layer 2, Multi-Gig Load-balancing for demanding high capacity, high availability networks. CK-LBA provides balancing for any Layer 2 device (eg CK-WFP, CK-SIG, IPS & L2 Firewall devices) The system is fully integrated with ContentKeeper Web Filter Pro(CK-WFP) and ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway(CK-SIG), providing blistering fast performance and high availability across any array of ContentKeeper Filtering Appliances. Its Secure, Dynamic, Web GUI based, dashboard, provides real-time Dial and Slider-Bar performance indicators displaying current load, throughput and capacity information. Features include:
  • Single or dual primary links
  • 1G, 10G, 20G(via 2 x 10G) and 40G primary link interface options
  • Balancing for up to 6 x 10G target devices
  • TCP & UDP port based packet brokering capabilities
  • Intelligent rules based Traffic Management capabilities
  • Multiple balancing algorithms
  • Full Mobile Device remote management Interface support (iOS, Andriod, Windows)
  • Configurable High Availability with switch-to- wire or air-gap state settings
  • Hardware appliance based or Virtual Machine Image (VMWare ESXI – ideal for deployment in SDN networks)
  • Dual device, zero single point of failure deployment option
  • Dual hot-swap powersupplies
  • Dual hot-swap fans
  • Heavy duty industrial quality Appliance